Acoustic Panels

All the types of Acoustic Panels are listed below:

  • Rectangular Acoustic Panel
  • Acoustical Circle Panel
  • Vertical Acoustic Baffles
  • Self-standing Acoustic Panel
  • Desk Acoustic Partition
  • Multi-pattern Acoustic Panels


Acoustic panels have successfully been installed in several sensitive acoustic rooms such as recording studios, education halls, open space offices, cinemas, theatres, radio or TV studios etc.  The complete range of room acoustics can offer solutions to complex architectural acoustic projects. Room Acoustics describe how sound behaves in a room. Each room reacts differently in different frequencies of sound. Acoustics in a room are affected  by hard surfaces such as bare floors and walls and hard furniture such as wooden or metal tables, chairs. The more hard surfaces in a room, the greater the need for absorption.

  • Rectangular Acoustic Panel: Made with high endurance and excellent quality fabrics. The combination of inside acoustic materials offer a wide sound absorption
  • Acoustical Circle Panel: ALPHAcoustic-Kiklos is a round sound absorptive cloud acoustic panel
  • Vertical Acoustic Baffles:  Sound absorptive panels suspended vertically from the ceiling
  • Self-standing Acoustic Panel: Removable self-standing sound absorptive panels made of rigid internal frame
  • Desk Acoustic Partition: ALPHAcoustic ΑΜ. Desk are sound absorptive panels for office desks that offer a flexible solution in acoustic problems in offices. They improve the sound absorption and offer better acoustic in the working environment.
  • Multi-pattern Acoustic Panels: ALPHAcoustic-Multi is a multi-pattern acoustic panel with innovative form.


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