About Us

Our History

This family business was established in 1986 by Marios Kathitziotis and was previously named as Thumb Trading Co Ltd. Thumb Trading Ltd was initially one of the leading suppliers of outdoor furniture for hotels, restaurants and cafeterias (HORECA) in Cyprus.

In 1992 the business turned a new page by extending their products and services in the construction industry. The main areas of their interest were Passive Fire Protection, Sound Insulation and Absorption, Cubicles and Lockers, Compact Laminate and Wall Cladding with HPL.

Thumb Trading was the first company in Cyprus that provided Passive Fire Protection solutions in public buildings and was a pioneer in launching the scheme of certified timber fire doors in Cyprus. In 2010 the company proudly became the first certified contractor of Passive Fire Protection with IFC Certification in Cyprus.

Few years ago the company had to close a circle of life and start a new beginning with a brand new name acquiring the knowledge and passion of 20 years of hard work and experience. In 2017 Giannis Mpegio renamed the business to MG Fire and Sound Solutions and gave a fresh start to an existing pioneer and leader of specialized building materials in Cyprus.

Who We Are

MG Fire and Sound Solutions Ltd is a qualified contractor and distributor of specialized building materials in Cyprus. With more than 30 years of experience, we are a market leader in the construction industry in the areas of Passive Fire Protection, Sound Insulation and Sound Absorption. We offer Cubicle and Locker Systems that combine innovation with high performance and design. Our wide range of Compact Laminate and HPL provide high quality and add value to each design by creating a unique sensory experience.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to deliver sustainable solutions that improve quality of life. Our aim is to deliver construction materials that meet the latest trends in building design with our sacrificing quality and durability.


What We Do

We deliver specialized high quality building materials that save lives and preserve your property from fire and smoke. We care about your acoustical wellness and comfort. MG Solutions has a passion for aesthetics that is achieved by using unique and luxury surfacing materials.


Passive Fire Protection
Acoustic Solutions
Surfacing Materials
Cubicles & Lockers
  • Saving Lives
  • Protecting your Property from Fire
  • Solving Noise Control Problems
  • Create Sensory Unique Experience
  • Technical Advice
  • Tailored made Solutions
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