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All our Fire Curtains whether vertical or horizontal are fully compliance-tested and include fail-safe features enabling them to operate even if there’s a power failure.

And the Flameshield fire curtains have the added benefit of stylish designs which blend neatly with your venue’s decor. End-plates, guides and hoods can even be supplied in a variety of colours for a small additional cost.

Fire Curtain’s Specifications:

  • Gravity failsafe closes without mains power
  • Provides smoke control
  • Lightweight slimline compact design
  • 2 stage closing operation
  • Compliance tested to maintain building fire safety and integrity in accordance with BS 8524-1 and installed in accordance with BS 8524-2
  • Can be hidden neatly above the ceiling line to assist the building design and aesthetics
  • Voice warning devices available
  • Fully resets after fire test without the need for engineers to attend
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Timed delay closing

Our innovative, bespoke range of stylish and effective Flameshield Fire Shutters give you the fire-safety protection you need, with clean lines and discreet internal motors also enhancing the aesthetics of your secured premises. Both the Flameshield 120 Commercial Fire Shutter and the heavy-duty 240 Industrial version are fully compliance-tested, suitable for a wide range of locations and applications and can be powder-coated in a colour of your choice.

Fire Shutter Specifications:

  • Internal tubular motor
  • Stylish design to assist building aesthetics
  • Battery back up for power failure
  • Low voltage switching
  • Fire signal relay release
  • Fully controlled descent
  • Fire Shutters
  • Audiovisual option to warn of fire shutter in operation with voice record
  • 50 mm flat lath option
  • Powder coating option to compliment building fabric
  • Assessments for widths up to 10m wide

Flameshield 120 Fire Shutter

In the past, choosing a fire shutter has been about selecting the right one for job – but now A1S has developed the Flameshield 120 commercial fire shutter to enable the aesthetics of the application to be taken into consideration.

The clean lines and internal motor of the Flameshield 120 commercial fire shutter provide a stylish solution to fire safety demands.

Flameshield 240 Fire Shutter

This fire shutter is designed to provide a heavy duty solution for industry and is a popular option for a wide range of industrial applications.

So if you’re looking for proven quality and built-in reliability when it comes to meeting fire safety demands the Flameshield 240 industrial fire shutter is the heavy duty solution for industry. This still remains a very popular product, as it is perfect for a wide range of industrial applications.

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