Acoustic Solutions

Sound insulation and Sound Absorption in new or renovated buildings is an added value and often a necessity for living comfort. The wide range of MG acoustic products allows you to meet the soundproofing requirements of a new building or enable acoustic insulation on any existing construction system. But most importantly noise in an area of a building can be reduced with sound absorbent materials made of foam, cloth, bass trap or pores.

NDA has been designing and producing quality soundproofing materials that can solve any problem in civil, commercial and industrial construction. They specialise in soundproofing boards offering building solutions to sound proof partition walls as well as ceilings. Soundproofing products with a high value of sound insulation for walling partition. Sound proofing products for insulation from impact and footfalls noise. Technical and professional products for sound absorption designed to absorb medium and high frequencies, they allow to reduce the reverberation effects, in order to make very technical interventions in professional environments (sound recording studios, broadcast venues), as well in public and crowded places (such are restaurants, cafes, pubs).

Lignokustik AG specialised in producing highly effective acoustical wall and ceiling panels together with door elements made of wood materials. As an established specialist in wood acoustics with deep work experience Lignokustik welcomes the opportunity to design new innovative solutions. Their products are manufactured individually respecting high quality standards regarding material and workmanship as well as environmental issues. All Lignokustik products can be manufactured using flame resistant material. All Lignokustik products have been tested by accredited independent testing laboratories.


Alpha Acoustiki Ltd is one of the leading firms in acoustics, noise and vibration control in Greece. In a world that the noise levels are continuously increasing, Alpha Acoustiki provides products and offers specialized services that aim to improve the domestic and work environment, minimizing the emission of noise and improving the interior acoustics. Alpha Acoustiki Ltd designs and manufactures sound isolation materials (ALPHAfon) ideal for acoustic doors, acoustic panels, sound traps, sound barriers, silencers etc. & acoustic products (ALPHAcoustic) ideal for acoustic panels, diffusers etc). They are also designing and manufacturing of VIBRO complete vibration control products range.

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