Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire Protection is the division of an area in smaller compartments in order to minimise or diminish the possibility of the spread of fire from one place to the other. A fire compartment can be the corridor in a floor or the stairways or a riser.  If any service passes through a fire compartment (wall or floor), it is necessary for fire sealing that opening. Our product range offers the solution for every project and gives the client the options that suit best to their individual needs. MG Specialized Building Solutions aim is to prevent fire and smoke from spreading in a building thus, protecting human lives and the property.

Passive Fire Protection - Polyseam

Polyseam is a global building and construction materials manufacturer specialising in the development of professional sealants, adhesives, fillers and passive fire protection products. They are awarded with ISO underlining their commitment to optimum quality standards and highlighting their environmental management system.

Passive Fire Protection - Promat

Promat manufactures a complete portfolio of fire stop and fire protection boards, sprays, sealants and adhesives to protect: structural steel, concrete structures, partitions, wall linings, floors, ceilings and roofs. For over 60 years Promat fire products and systems have been used to protect buildings and their inhabitants from the spread of fire.

MG Fire and Sound Solutions - Lorient

Lorient designs and manufactures high-performance door sealing systems. Their intumescent seals are a vital part of a fire door assembly, helping to defend buildings against the spread of fire. Their smoke seals restrict smoke movement around a building – giving people time to escape, and reducing property damage. The company also manufactures fire resistant glazing systems for doors, screens and partitions, together with fire and smoke resistant air transfer grilles for doors, walls and ducts.

SIDERISE develops specialist acoustic, fire and thermal insulation over than 40 years. They have developed an extensive range of fire-stopping insulation products. Their products are available for floors and wall compartmentations, suspended ceilings, raised access floors and facades. SIDERISE has also developed acoustic materials for sound reduction, sound absorption and damping.

The A1S Group has over than 30 years of experience in manufacturing fire curtains and smoke curtains, fire shutters, and roller shutters. They provide compliant fire safety and security solutions that never compromise on building aesthetics. A1S Group range of products are increasingly the choice of main contractors when trying to protect the buildings of the future.

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