Compact Laminate & HPL

Laminates HPL ensures high quality for indoor applications, where design, looks, quality, durability and resistance are key for your project’s success.

High pressure Laminate (HPL) is a particularly resistant, durable and hygienic product. It is suitable for use in high impact and wear situations, for both horizontal and vertical applications, in public, commercial and residential areas.

Compact Laminate on the other hand is a strong, robust, damage resistant product. It has remarkable structural stability that responds to the most demanding usage requirements and building regulations. Compact Laminates are particularly suitable for use in high impact and wear conditions, or with considerable moisture levels. It is freestanding with no additional support needs for thicknesses over 6 mm.

Compact Laminate – standard or fire resistant – with decorative surfaces on both sides, is ideal for cabins, divisions and cupboard doors. For wall cladding, interior decoration, furniture and especially on table tops.

Available in black or brown and white or grey core, it can be milled or engraved to enhance its decorative properties, making it the ideal choice for furniture design and indoor decoration.

Surforma - Compact Laminate

SURFORMA is the global brand established by Sonae Indústria Group. Sonae Indústria Group, has been innovating and leading the sector of decorative panels for almost 60 years by providing wood-based solutions for a better life, a better future and a better planet. Creating its own identity and making its mark in the production and distribution of Laminates – high pressure laminate (HPL) and Compact Laminates. SURFORMA provides solutions mainly for the furniture, construction and interior design industries. They combine functionality, state-of-the-art and flexibility, which include the use of high-quality materials and a unique design.

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