FR Collar consists of a split white coated, circular steel casing designed to fit around plastic pipes. The collars have a secure and simple locking device.

The steel frame contains a graphite based swelling material that reacts to heat and fills the opening from the melting plastic through-penetration in case of a fire. It may be fitted both on the outside of a wall or a floor.


FR Foam is a fire classified construction foam that has particularly good acoustic properties.

The foam satisfies the fire resistance requirement of 240 minutes at a depth of 20 cm, and is suited for quick and inexpensive sealing between concrete elements, Leca and similar where top finish is not required.

The sound resistance classification is 58dB at a depth of 10 cm, which may solve some problems in the construction industry.

  • Sealing for window fittings
  • Sealing for door fittings
  • Filling free spaces, cracks, gaps and pipe penetrations
  • Sealing roof, wall and floor joints.
  • Thermal insulation
  • Acoustic insulation




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